A Crucial Guide for Coaches About Coaching

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How does coaching really work? If you asked 100 different Coaches that question, you would get 100 different answers! Why is the question so subjective? Because it’s all about YOU – your perception, abilities, skills, life experience, and your application of the basic principles of Coaching. Then, of course, you must also factor in the […]

5 Lightbulb Moments That Inspired Leading Entrepreneurs

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Have you ever heard of a “lightbulb moment”? Lightbulb moments are the spark at heart of a new product, business, or innovation. Entrepreneurs use this term to describe the periods of clarity when they uncover an incredible idea, and everything seems to simply come together. Just like the muses that inspire artists to create masterpieces, […]

A Short Guide to Understanding Instagram Marketing

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What started as a mobile app to share photos has evolved into a diverse social media platform. With over 1 billion users – about 60% of whom use the app daily – Instagram is the perfect platform to grow your audience and build brand awareness. In fact, 83% of users have said they discovered new […]

Everything You Need to Know to DIY Your Small Business Website

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While you may want to hire a website designer or developer down the road, it can be an expensive investment. Whether you are just starting your business, or on a tight budget, DIYing your website is a great solution. Follow this process to create your small business website. To Start, Choose Your Website Platform There […]

Top 10 Best Practices for SEO Success

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Phone: (360) 504-8106 hello@amberhasenpflug.com There are plenty of things you can do to get higher search engine rankings, from page optimization on your website to keyword research, building backlinks, and more. Even though the search engine algorithms which determine rankings change often, there are still tried and true SEO methods that are proven to help […]

8 Ways to Do Local SEO Without Building Content

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If you want to win at local search engine optimization (SEO), but you don’t want to depend on content marketing, you can do that! There are other techniques you can use to succeed. For instance, you could switch your focus towards usability and building a community. Try these strategies to attain high local rankings in […]

Entrepreneurs: Planning Your Escape From Your Job

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What’s stopping you from just walking out of your job to start your own business today? It’s likely to be one of two things: common sense or Integrity. Both are very valuable commodities. Common Sense and Integrity Common sense says that you will most likely have commitments, obligations, and responsibilities that show up monthly, weekly, […]

The Hidden Benefits of Owning Your Own Business

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There are many highly valued and unusual or unexpected benefits to running your own business. They rarely get mentioned, but they are always there. Many entrepreneurs will tell you that sometimes these hidden benefits are worth more than the business itself. One of the most valuable, but also most unexpected benefits are the deep, lifelong […]

5 Essential Elements for Running a Successful Home Business

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Running your own home-based business is not for everyone, but most people at some point in their life have given the idea some consideration. It provides many things that a regular job cannot, and if you run the business alongside your regular job, you can have the best of both worlds. The biggest challenge in […]

Say Goodbye to Impostor Syndrome


Do you feel like a fraud in danger of being exposed when someone praises your work? Do you think your achievements are just a matter of luck? If so, you may be experiencing Imposter syndrome. That’s the term psychologists invented in the 1970s when they were studying successful women. Now, they know that men are […]