Hello There,

I’m Amber. I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer
passionately committed to helping you make a real impact with your brand.

Amber Hasenpflug​

Hello There,

I’m Amber. I’m an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer
passionately committed to helping you make a real impact with your brand.

Frustrated with the shady tactics and relentless sales pressure?

You're not alone.

That’s why you and I are right here or right now. This is not a coincidence. We’ve both noticed an uncomfortable shift in how we’re “supposed to” market and advertise our businesses. And yet, the traditional ways you learned don’t seem to work anymore.

I’m bringing you deep insights into the realm of sales and marketing, and I’m pulling no punches.

A personal incident struck me hard: a “guru” sold my father a marketing program despite knowing he couldn’t keep up. They denied my request to work alongside him in the program, and he passed away without benefiting from the program or getting his money back, leaving my mom with an additional debt.

This was an ethical breach that fueled my determination
to rewrite the narrative.

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all strategies – I’m rewriting the rules with a new kind of marketing, one rooted in authenticity and empathy.

What we’re doing here is more than coaching; it’s a movement.

I aim to equip ambitious individuals with potent strategies, unwavering support, and a hearty dose of compassion.

If you’re weary of smoke and mirrors, I invite you to stand with me. Let’s reshape marketing and prove that success can be achieved with both passion and heart, leaving a tangible impact. It’s time for a fresh approach to hustle, and I’m asking, who’s ready to join in?

Hailing from the lush green landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, I embarked on this journey armed with nothing but passion, a trusty laptop, and a vision. I’ve proudly crafted a digital empire that has reached countless individuals around the globe.

Through our podcast, “Authentic Hustle: Marketing with Heart,” and The Conscious Impact Accelerator coaching program, I’ve honed world-class online training programs that empower entrepreneurs like you to create a meaningful impact that aligns with your values.

In fact, here are a few ways I might be able to help.:

  • Looking for an insider’s guide to taking your business to new heights? I’ve got you covered with expert insights on sales and marketing strategies. Together, let’s redefine success through ethical marketing that embraces authenticity and compassion. Let’s make your existing business shine!
  • Looking for killer strategies and tons of support? I’ve got your back. I’m here to equip those like you with the tools and guidance you need to make a real impact.
  • Ready to hustle differently? Join me in revolutionizing marketing. No more pushy approaches or deceptive practices. It’s time to show the world that we can hustle with heart and create meaningful change.

My journey wasn’t paved by prestigious degrees, family wealth, or connections. In fact, I kicked off this adventure while grappling with substantial debt after dropping out of college. Twice.

Despite the odds, I forged ahead. Falling down over and over. I had sleepless nights, attracting the wrong clients. It felt like pushing a huge rock up a mountain until I realized that despite my marketing expertise, I neglected my own advice for my business.

My mission is simple: to empower you to embrace your values and equip you with the tools, knowledge, and support to make an impact with your brand.


I’m often asked, “Amber, how did you even get started on this journey?”


From a young age, I was fascinated by what makes humans do what they do. I yearned to unearth the factors contributing to what motivates and fuels people to shoot for their goals, try for their dreams, and make the decisions they make.

I had an unrelenting passion for various seemingly disparate interests: writing, psychology, entrepreneurship, creativity, and more.

After unsuccessful attempts at traditional jobs, I discovered my amalgamation of interests and skills was my strength, not a weakness.

I discarded the comfort of a 9-to-5 for freelancing in marketing and media design and gradually built a coaching business from the ground up.

I created the term “Unboxed Success Creator” to redefine achievement beyond boundaries. As an entrepreneur, I pave unconventional pathways, proving that thinking outside the box is key. I’m going to guess that might sound a bit familiar – maybe because it also sounds like you.

From the hustle of photography and web design to media projects such as podcasts and video blogs, I have demonstrated that challenging traditional norms is key.

I firmly believe that showcasing your authentic self is vital in thriving in the modern world.


My path has seen remarkable milestones, such as: 

  • Turning a Local Business into a Smash Hit: One of my proudest moments was helping a local bakery go from struggling to thriving. We revamped their brand message and unleashed targeted marketing strategies. Not only did we grow their customer base, but we also brought back their sense of purpose. Watching them succeed and impact their community was absolutely amazing.

  • Launching a Purpose-Driven Startup: I got to team up with a passionate entrepreneur who was all about eco-friendly home products. Together, we created a brand that spoke to conscious consumers and their values. The result? A killer launch and a community of like-minded folks committed to sustainability.

  • Boosting an Online Educator’s Reach: I joined forces with an online educator to supercharge their reach and influence. We fine-tuned their marketing strategy, amped up their online presence, and connected with a wider audience. Seeing their courses make a real difference in people’s lives and gaining recognition in their niche was seriously rewarding.

And now, this journey
brings us to you.

I’m here to serve. My foundation is rooted in love, a commitment to what’s achievable, and an unwavering dedication to be an agent of positive change.

We’re here to make a difference with our free content, transformative online programs, and more. Our aim is simple: assist you in crafting a unique brand that positively impacts your life and others. If you’re tired of attracting the wrong clients or trying to move past this plateau, we’re here to help unlock your creative potential and tap into your innate wisdom.

Yes, this is a business. Yes, we offer products. Yes, we’re grateful for the opportunity to earn a living. However, most of our creative work is freely shared with you, our community.

I’m no perfect guru; I make mistakes, have challenging days, and grapple with fears like anyone else. But my commitment is resolute: to provide you with the very best of what I’ve learned and lived, to keep things authentic and real as I progress.

Expect thought-provoking ideas, timeless wisdom, a sprinkle of goofiness, and an unwavering commitment to help you lead a profound, expressive, and impactful brand.

If you’ve read this far, thank you. This is just the beginning of our connection. I’d love to learn more about you. To stay connected, sign up below with your name and email.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

With all my love,